What is Hex Infotrader?

Hex Infotrader users need to constantly know the situation of their balance account, to easily pay and receive Hex Infotrader Coins and to perform investments at the right time. In order to facilitate these processes, the Hex Infotrader team created the Hex Infotrader wallet. It’s a platform aimed at satisfying all your needs regarding the web currency.

You can compare it to a real-life wallet: it stores your money, you can verify your balance at any times, make payments and deposit money you receive.


  • The transactions you perform are untraceable and anonymous.
  • You can make payments to one or multiple recipients at the same time
  • You can easily invest in web currency directly from your wallet
  • It is easy, fast and secure to transfer, receive, pay with Hex Infotrader.
  • It gives you the possibility to mine directly from your wallet by embedding a mining machine on the platform.

The Hex Infotrader wallet can be activated by any Hex Infotrader owner, simply by going to the website and creating it, free of charge.

Other benefits

0% Fee

0% Volatility Risk

Simple Integration

No Chargebacks